Philips sdvd6004 won't burn (but will read)



Hi, I recently purchased an upgrade drive for my Dell Inspiron 5150: the philips sdvd6004 dvd/cd-rw. It’s supposed to be able to write DVD+R and DVD+RW, but I can’t seem to get that to happen. :a

What seems so strange is that the drive is working! It reads CDs and DVDs, and it even writes CDs. But when I put in a blank DVD+R, it says there are 0 MBs free on the disc. I have Adobe Encore, which I tried using to burn DVDs, but it says there are no devices in the computer that can write DVDs.

I updated the driver (I think), but running Firmware 1.6 which I downloaded here . When I rebooted, I got a little message saying new hardware was found, but it still doesn’t recognize writable DVDs and Encore still tells me I have no device that can write DVDs.

Please help!


Can no one help me with this? :frowning:


i cant believe you “upgraded” to a 2x dvd burner and without dual layer what a waste, anyway its not a driver its firmware no driver needed windows generic one is good enough , sounds like adobe encore does not support your dvd burner try other software


OK, thanks. I don’t know that much about hardware so I picked up something cheap on ebay.

What sort of thing would you recommend instead (dual layer means DVD blue?)?


No, dual layer is not blue ray. And you don’t necessarily need a dual layer drive, you just need a good 16x dvd burner with good media support. There are many that will work, including NEC, LITE-ON, Plextor, Pioneer, LG, BENQ.