Philips SDVD6004 and Benq 8x media

Can anyone help me?

I purchased Benq 8x DVD+R media for my DVD burner. They worked well on the first few burns, so I went back to use up my older Memorex 4x DVD+R’s. Now that the Memorex media is used up, I tried the Benq and cannot burn to them. The burner does not appear to recognize the media! I bought more Memorex media, and there are no problems.

I can’t understand why the Benq media worked before, but not now!

I would appreciate any and all help on this problem.

Thanks in advance.

I would first try to update the firmware to 1.06 (click here) or direct download link here. Then after you flash your firmware check back with the BenQ DVD+R media and let us know how it goes.

Note: the direct download link is from, so the burner came from a dell laptop maybe?