Philips sceptical about curved TVs – argues it causes image distortion



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TP Vision, the company that develops Philips TVs is sceptical about curved TVs and Ultra HDTVs smaller than 50 inch.

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Looking at a curved TV is like looking at an Edsel! Was a bad idea way back when and it’s still a bad idea. First projection TVs in the 70s had curved screens, other than the wow factor of a huge screen for the time people hated the curved screen. In the last year only about a half dozen of my customers have even asked about curved screens and once they saw one (at a competitor’s store) they agreed with my advise and didn’t pursue curved screen any further. Unless you are in the sweet spot (dead centre) half of the screen is dimmer than the rest, and if you’re really off centre, you caqn’t even see the screen on your side of the room. As for sub 50" UHD TVs, demand is outstripping supply, at least for quality products. Can’t speak for the cheap department store junk.


IMO, curved TVs are a bigger gimmick than 3D. I will pull the trigger on a 4k TV when there is content in disc format and reasonably priced players to put them in. I am toying with getting a smaller screen 4k TV for use as a computer monitor.