Philips SA3125/37 2GB* Flash linux operation

[qanda]This thread is about the [Philips GoGear Flash Audio Video Player 2 GB]( .html). Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I was given this mp3 player and would like to have it working. The model is 3125/37.
Is there a way to use it with linux [opensuse 11.0]
Of course the Philips says nothing about linux support in its owner’s manual or website, but it does say not to plug it in until I have the software installed. If I just plug it in to my PC [USB connection] am I going to ruin the player? I know with my cameras Olympus and Canon I just plugged them in and the software [DigiKam] recognized them right away.

Where might I get drivers/Software for this unit in [Linux] Opensuse. Help please.
Thank You

I’m not aware of any specific way to use it with Linux, but many MP3 players that use a standard FAT file system and mount as external drives can be used under Linux.

Your best bet is to contact Philips support and ask: