Philips +RW 200 burner upgrade

Hey There,

Can somebody please help me?
I have an Philips DVD+RW 200 series computer dvd burner.
But i can only burn DVD+RW dvd’s and not +R dvd’s.

Now i have heard that there is an software upgrade for this burner so that i can burn DVD+R dvd’s too.

Is there somebody who has the same problem and have that software because i have mailed philips and thay wont reply on my emaills.



Long long time ago, Philips thought that this would be possible, but also long time ago, they admitted that they cannot make it.

Since many people only bought such drives because of this promise, Philips was fair enough to offer a free replacement of DVD+RW drives with new DVD+R/W drives, but this also was long time ago.

No idea if this is still possible.

I thought the Philips 200 series burners were based on the Ricoh MP-5125A and would write to DVD+R disk out of the box. If it’s based on the older Ricoh MP-5120A this is not possible. Since you didn’t say exactly what model you have, I can’t tell. You may wish to look here for firmware:

I know Philips 208 and 228. The first one is a Ricoh 5120, the second one is a Ricoh 5125.

@alexnoe: I know Philips 208 and 228. The first one is a Ricoh 5120, the second one is a Ricoh 5125.
I guess we can assume that he doesn’t have the Philips 228 (Ricoh MP-5125A), which should be able to write the DVD+R disk.

i have searched in the manual and it is the model DVD+R 1208 the 200 series.
Does somebody know program upgrade to let this machine can record DVD+R disc’s it is not funny that it can’t because i have an dvd player that doesn’t accept DVD+RW and it accept dvd+R disc’s
Hope you can help me with an link or download with messenger.


None of the dvd+rw PC-drives which come without dvd+r support can be upgraded.

Martin, unfortunately alexnoe is correct. Unless the drive will write DVD+R when it came from the factory, it cannot be made to write DVD+R with a firmware upgrade. Some of these companies, like HP, advertised the firmware upgrade possibility on their websites, possibility elsewhere, and then found that it couldn’t be done. As a result companies, like HP, had a free or “low cost upgrade” when the new models came out. I believe that’s been over a year ago, so they would probably be reluctant to do it now, however it wouldn’t hurt to try. Sometimes a consumer recorder can be made to accept DVD+RW disk with a bit set utility which tells the disk to identify itself as a write once disk. I don’t know whether or not you have tried this.

Philips had offered a free upgrade, while HP first offered that “low cost upgrade”. After HP had finally found out how hilarious that was, even HP followed the way of Philips and offered a free upgrade.

But again, this was no firmware upgrade. They replaced the entire drive for free.

@martin_senders quote “i have an dvd player that doesn’t accept DVD+RW and it accept dvd+R disc’s”

I previously mentioned a bitsetter utility which changes the “Book Type Field” in the DVD from DVD+RW to DVD-ROM. This may help your consumer player play the DVD+RW disc, especially since you say it will play DVD+R’s. Here is a link to a free bitsetting utility. This may make the best the situation.

@alexnoe That “low cost upgrade” I mentioned was $100 U.S. HP claimed it was for the new software.