Philips removes smart TV functionality from high-end 2009 models



We’ve just posted the following news: Philips removes smart TV functionality from high-end 2009 models[newsimage][/newsimage]

Philips smart TVs from 2009 will no longer be able to connect to the internet and therefore lose their smart functionality from the 28th of December this year. TVs from a year later do receive an update that allows them to get on the internet.

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No great loss. The functionality of “Smart” TV’s of this era was pretty limited.

Has anybody actually read the “Privacy Agreement” in their TV’?
In a nutshell it says "You the brain dead user, give us (the slimey company) the right to collect any and all information that we can through your device and use it however we bloody well please, or we won’t let you use the smart features of your TV.
I tell my customers to forget about the smart features and do what I have done. Buy a cheap netbook/Chrome book and filter your streaming content through that. You have at least a small amount of control over your privacy.


Then don’t buy Philips any more - it’s that simple!


[QUOTE=Millennium12;2784411]Then don’t buy Philips any more - it’s that simple![/QUOTE]
I think most have already moved on from Philips already…Over priced and over hyped Philips…


Phillips stopped selling [B]TVs[/B] in Australia in 2008 - they tried a comeback but til now they don’t really have any significant numbers. Only a few retailer even offer it here.

Philips here is more into kitchen appliances and grooming tools like my hair clipper :slight_smile:


Oh well. Buy a Raspberry Pi 3+ and put OpenElec/Kodi on it. Problem solved for around $80.


I still like their screwdrivers though. :bigsmile:


lol I have a samsung TV that annoys me when I give it internet access. Always popping up updates, warnings and crap I don’t want (even if I turn it off in the menu).  I find it works better when I don’t have the internet hooked up to it. I prefer to use my playstation for Netflix :slight_smile:


They must be living in 2009…last I looked the calendar was 2016 going to 2017 and most people probably upgraded or got rid of Samsung tv that were giving them trouble already.


SOME of the net features on my 2012 Sony work better then my Android media player, most don’t and I can always add and delete stuff on my Android box.
It hasn’t had any updates since I was first given it after family upgraded anyways. The one feature that seems to work well is Amazon video, now Prime video and that one still works nicely and better then my Android box does.
I’ll probably upgrade the media box to a Shield eventually anyways as of now they seem to have one of the best Android based boxes out there. Of course by the time I finally do somebody may have a better one so who knows.
The built in stuff for most is pretty limited, dedicated Android boxes are faster and can be updated and will do more.


I’m going to take a guess and say that Philips used third-party software for these TVs. Since they don’t own the software, and since the software is probably non-free (that’s free as in freedom), the existing software probably can’t be updated… at least not legally. Philips could replace the encryption software altogether, but they simply don’t want to. After all, it’s easier for them to make these customers buy a new TV then do actual work, and it’s more profitable, since customers are new forced to buy a new TV or use an external devices.

In other news, I’m thinking about getting a smart TV. Of course, by “getting a smart TV”, I mean getting equipment that will allow me to hook my laptop up to a TV. I get plenty of updates for my laptop. If program “A” stops receiving updates, I’ll switch to program “B”.