Philips recorder that support divx can they play xvid?

Can any of the philips recorders that support Divx playback Xvid.

My guess would be yes, but you have to watch out that the XviD encodings have not been made with Qpel or GMC options enabled. Some MPEG4-enabled players are not very good with packed bitstream either, although this can be removed without re-encoding using MPEG4 Modifier (

Edit: actually now I look at the manual, the DivX playback is tied into the activation code business of video on demand, and also seems to take account of file extensions to validate playback. My guess is that they’ve taken great pains to avoid this machine being able to playback XviD. If that’s true then its ridiculous :rolleyes:.

I have a 3380 I think off the top of my head. XVID is fine but it cannot fast forward or rewind AVIs. No time skip or anything. If I stop half way through a movie I have to watch the rest on another player. I thought I must have been overlooking a feature but I contacted Philips and was told it can’t be done. All my other Philips DIVX players can.

I had the same problem. Everything you’re saying is right only there is a way of forwarding and rewinding avi files without accesing the tc menu. It’s unbelievable but hear this…press and hold the little double arrow button. Suddenly a x8 will show on screen. Press it again now without holding and you get x16. Again and x32. Press play and you can watch again normally. The important thing is to hold the button pressed the first time. If you don’t do so you will move to the following avi file in the disc (if there is any).