Philips presents world's smallest CD player



I just posted the article Philips presents world’s smallest CD player.

Yesterday Philips presented the world’s smallest CD player. This device is small enough to be used in cellular phones, digital cameras and other portable devices. With its 1 GB storage capacity on…

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And for more information on the Blue Laster technology you can check out this link Can you imagine these small CDs holding 1 GB of MP3 music and a device as small as your cell phone…now they have to work on the power consumption as well and before you know it you can listen to music all day from a device as small as your cell phone… I want one :wink:


They already have cell phones that can play radio. I almost bought one the other day. The battery life (when playing the radio) is 20 hours which is pretty good.


sl45 from siemens got build in mp3 player and MMC up to 128MB (lots of mp3) great mobile phone too, kick nokia ass from every side.


Details, picture and video can be found here:’,%20550,450
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I had a dream that these mini Cdr’s were the standard.


Every nEws report should have a video link!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: