Philips plans to extend licensing scheme to DVD drives/players

I just posted the article Philips plans to extend licensing scheme to DVD drives/players.

Philips has announced that it plans to extend its patent licensing scheme for blank optical discs, DVD drives as well as any consumer electronic DVD device, such as CD/DVD players and…

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It will interesting to watch if Phillips can actually impose this with China. Nobody has of yet been able to slow down the Trade exports too US or European markets. China will most likely bring forward the need of a new format that should counter act the effort. Whether they (China) have applied for or been denied acceptance into this group is still unclear

This is just stupid. Same thing with Veeza will happen - manufacturer boycott = uproar = waste of time with suits … given the fact that they’ve made a lot of equipment already and we’re not far from saturation - they really wouldn’t see why we’d “suddenly” impose a fee on them just NOW … if it were to be successful - it would’ve had to be a few good years ago - not now.