Philips Pcrw804k & LG CED-8120B

Philips Pcrw804k & LG CED-8120B

I want to buy a burner that can take SafeDisc 2/C-Dilla 2, and both of them are mentioned in the SafeDisc 2 list. If you have the choice, which one do you prefer ? Both of them go for the same price, and cheap too compaired with Plextor burner.


LG for it has better reading abilities. But please note:

Philips can handle SafeDisc 2 according to the CloneCD Hardware Requirements but the LG cannot. My list is based on user experiences so there are no guarantees! Maybe you should test first and ask if you can exchange it if it doesn’t work… ?

The philips 804K or acer 12x8x32 can do SD2 no probs,i would go with the philips not so picky with media but if the acers cheaper u wont be disappointed.

Dont ask me,i aint all there