Philips PCRW2010 not recognized by MS Media Player & RealJukebox

I have a new Philips PCRW2010 burner that is not recognized by the following software, when I try to burn a CD; Microsoft Media Player, and RealJukebox. I get the following message with Media Player; “Adaptec Easy CD Creator Plug-In, No CD Recording Devices found on your system”.
With RealJukebox, I get the following error; “CD Creator by Roxio - We are unable to access a CD recording device on your system. If you have a CD recording device, please make sure it is installed properly”.

I have no problem using this burner with Nero 5.5 (came with burner), but I would like to be able to burn directly from either of the two players mentioned above.

No new firmware is available for the burner. I can’t find information for updating the burner plug-ins in Media Player or RealJukebox.

I’m running Windows 2000.

Any ideas?

the same thing happened with my plextor and i had to change the ide cables round

That’s the first thing I checked (connections, replaced cable, etc.). I think it has to do with Roxio not yet supporting the Philips PCRW2010.

Thanks for the reply!