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Our friends from CDRlabs have reviewed the Philips PCRW2010. This CDRW drive from the Roayl Dutch electronics giant Philips writes at 20 speed, rewrites at 10 speed and reads your data back at 40…

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isn´t this CDRW also SD2 compatible with clonecd? like all other phillips (based) burners? anyone knows?

No its not…

The combination of PCRW1208k and the CDRW2010 is the best I can imagion. The PCRW1208 is good at burning sd2 and the CDRW2010 is perfect for reading sd2 (as fast as 8 minutes for Red Alert 2 with clonecd and 3 minutes with cdmate). I even got to copy with clonecd on the fly with the two burners. The copy worked perfectly!!! For audio the CDRW2010 is perfect because it can extract a 64 minutes cd within 2 minutes and it can burn it in 3 minutes and the cd is perfect. No scratches or other sounds that do not exist on the original cd. My advice: If you want a Philips CDRW2010 than you have to go and take it!!! But if you want to burn stuff like sd2 protections than be sure to keep your older Philips burner or you can patch your images to take the protection out. Thanx for listening, Jay Sea :+