Philips PCRW1208

Simple one this:

Is this capable of backing up the latest Safediscs (Renegade, MOHAA, etc )?

not 1:1

I have a PCRW1208 to amd the problem with this drive is that the hide cdr-media option in Clonecd does not work for this drive. (the atip can still be read by this drive after the atip has been disabled).

I copied Renegade to 2 cd-r’s and yes it did not run in my pcrw 1208. But than I tried it in my LiteOn LTR40125S and it worked fine. Can install and play the game with the copy made by the 1208.
Than I tried it with my Aopen 1248AMH (dvd-player). This drive is normaly very picky about media. I’ve always got 100% damaged sectors in nero drivespeed, while with other drive’s I get none.
To come to the point, the Aopen DVD could also install and play Renegade with Hide Cdr-media off.

For the final test I copied Renegade with my Lite-On and tried to run it with my PCRW1208. Still no succes even with hide cdrmedia on.
Offcourse everybody knows that Lite-on drive do correct EFM encoding so it had to work.

For all I know it’s a problem that has been overlooked bij Olly and his crew.


Philips PCRW1208 CAN copy Savedisk 2.51, but it can not be used with copy protections that read the atip out of the cd-r, because the hide cd-r media does not work for this drive. It may be not real 1:1, but can any drive do this??
We are happy when copied cd’s work and we do not care if the copy is completely the same as the original.
further more unreadable sectors will be simmulated to get a near exact copy.

The question now is, how much “near” can your drive burn?
My answer to the PCRW1208 is: Near enough!

Which firmware you using?

I’ve tried 3.1, 3.8 & 4.

I could not get a 1:1 of Renegade, Not even to run in the burner. And I tried MANY settings.

Renegade was what highlighted the 1208’s inability to do SD2.51 for me. It had done everything else up to this point.

I used 3.8 and it could not be played with the burner itself, but i can be played with another drive or even with a burner with the hide cd-r media on. I used the profile settings that where used with the no AWS for SD2.
This setting is normally for the Lite-On and the rebagged Lite-on’s but mine worked fine with these settings.
btw. I got the 1208K. I don’t know if other models have other capabilities.

Good on you then :slight_smile:

I never managed to get mine to produce a copy that worked on anything, including the burner.

My new LiteOn does do the job though, and I got a surprising amount for the 1208 from a friend.

If you get enough money, than I would say sell the drive and buy a Lite-On