Philips PCRW1208 tray problem

Hello all, maybe someone might be able to help here.
I have a PCRW1208 and the dam tray wont stay closed…
It has had issues in the past but never like this…
No matter what I do it wont stay closed, it just pops back open right away.

Sometimes it just stops responding all togather, like it doesnt have power.
Maybe it is dieing???

Any help will be michly appreciated… :bigsmile:

Quick check; try it in another PC.
If it exhibits the same behavior there, you have a pretty good indication that it must be a hardware fault.

Tryed it in a diffrent PC and same thing, but I got a little angered and pushed on the tray when it was almost closed, and found if you give it a nudge when it is almost closed it will stay closed.
So, is there a switch or something that might be out of alignment???
I opened it up and didnt see one straight away, but didnt look too deep either…