Philips PCRW1208 CD-RW drive recognized by OS but cannot read any disc



I am using a Phlips PCRW1208 CD-RW drive. It’s been working well since August 2001. However, last night, as I was installing Ofice 2000 in Windows 2000, the drive started squealing and installation did not progress for over 10 minutes.

So I reset the PC. Now the CD-RW drive is still recognized under DOS, Windows 98, and 2000 as a Philips PCRW1208, but any CD I insert into it is not detected. Everytime I insert a disc in W2K, Windows tells me that the disc format is not recognized and asks me if I want to format the drive.

All the connections (power, IDE, audio) are fine. All the writing software is in Windows 98, and I haven’t installed any on Windows 2000, so Windows 2000 does not have direct write capabilities - I only used the drive for reading under W2K.

Does anyone have any idea about what the problem could be? Before trying to buy a new drive, I was thinking of upgrading the firmware, and if that doesn’t work, opening the drive to see if there are any loose parts (since it’s already long past warranty, and we don’t have qualified technicians here) but I need some opinions on this first…

Btw, is there a utility I can use to backup the firmware from this drive? If so, where can I get it?