Philips pbv1604p dvdrw

hi there guys,
not sure if anyone can help. i have the above item on my computer and their seems to be a problem with it. it doesnt show up in “my computer” and i cant write anything to it or read from it. if i look in control panel at the properties for it, it says that the driver has been disabled, i have tried searching for a new driver, and it tells me that it cant find a better one than the one i have already???
any help please

Hello Bill, is the Driver or the Drive disabled, if its the Drive itsself then simply re-enable you can see if the Drive is disabled when you see a red cross X on the icon in the Device Manager. Also what Burning Software do you have installed.

hi robbo,
there isnt a red cross, just an exclamation mark. the only burning software i have is recordnow. the drive doesnt show up on “my computer” or the “send to” menu