PHILIPS PBDV1660P1 Firmware update problem

i have PHILIPS PBDV1660P1 and the current firmware version is B1.3
when i try to update the firmware with the newest one P1.6 it gives me an error like this:

PHILIPS PBDV1660P1 Current firmware : B1.3
==> New firmware Version : P1.6

The drive is not allowed to be updated.

any one know the reason for this, an possible solutions?

Use BQflasher!

but it is not the offical released program for philips, i dont want to make my driver out of guarantee (it is one month old).

any other suggestions?


are you sure you got the right firmware for your drive? I ask this, because there is also a firmware 1.6 for 1668[B]P[/B]1
Also, might be helpful.


Your PHILIPS PBDV1660P1 drive is a so called OEM drive, which is not sold as a single drive. You get it only preinstalled in a PC. Ask your PC manufacturer for updates.

The philips update tool automatically checks for the firmware updates but cannot find any updates for the drive, but the one i have downloaded says PHILIPS PBDV1660P1 is supported.
that can be the problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

Yes, I had overseen, that your drive has firmware [B]B[/B]1.3 installed. Normally (with retail drives) it would be [B]P[/B]1.x


any chance it can be upgraded to P1.6?

See comment of GrrRon above. But this will void your warranty and there is a risk off killing your drive.


Thanks for your help Michael :slight_smile:

According to my contact at Philips:

There was a small typo in the included PDF document that came with the firmware update (the document should be updated now).

The Philips PBDV1660P1 is unfortunately not supported by the current flash-tool, but there will likely be a correct update soon for download.

Thanks a lot! i was just at the edge of crossflashing with benq 1650 you saved my life :slight_smile:
i have downloaded the file again and see that the have put the second version of the update information pdf and removed the PBDV1660 from the list.
Thanks again Jan70 :clap: :smiley: