Philips pbdv1640p problem


I have a pbdv1640p and its been working fine for ages but for some reason a fault has developed.

Everytime I close the drive the light comes on but then it slowly opens the draw, sometimes fully out other times just about a quarter of the way out.

It does it even when the computer is in bios (before windows loads).

I tried upgradeing the firmware to the lastest version but that didn’t work so I downgraded the flash to it original version but still no help. The flashing said it was suceessful.

Any ideas or suggestions on how I can fix this as I don’t wont to buy a new drive but this ones just over 12 months old. Its not the IDE or cable as I have a CDR-W drive on it and that works fine.

Its currently disconnected from the system as it was driving me nuts.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

looks like a new drive then?


ohh bol**ks!

thanks :slight_smile: