Philips pbdv1640p oem



Hello everyone!

I just wondered whether anyone could help me?

I have a philips dvbp1640p oem. I have upgraded to the 3.2 firmware.

I have tried burning + and - disks with limited success. ( I admit that they are cheap brands but when I read reviews on this burner many people said that were not choosy about disks)

When using the - disks nero often gets to about 2% and then fails. When they do burn the drive can then read them as can the three dvd players I have.

When using + disks they burn nearly everytime, but then the drive will not read them, neither will the dvd players in the house. (My other dvd drive does read them though!)

Is it the fact that I have just used cheap disks so far? I did not want to buy a spindle of more expensive ones if they are likely to do the same.

If it is the media which brand should I buy for + and -? Where is the best place to get the media in the Uk.

I know there is a lot here so thanks in anticipation.


Most likely your problem is the cheap media. Philips and Benq are better + media burners. Only when you use real quality media like Taiyo Yuden or so, - dvdr will give you good quality results.
I would advise you to buy + media from Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim.
Cheap media Ridata (Ritek R03) will also give you good results. If you want quality, you will have to pay for it. But in the long term I realy believe more expensive media will save you money.
I can’t give you advise were you can buy media in the UK. Do some searching or maybe members from the UK can give you advise.

Maybe you should read this thread and do some research what media is best for you and your wallet.


Thanks cor808. I will look into geting some better media.