Philips PBDV1640P OEM to retail

Hello everyone. I’m new to the forum and this is my first post.

I’ve done a lot of searches and read many posts but still couldn’t quite figure out if this is possible. I have a Philips PBDV1640P B3.4. So obviously this is the OEM version. I was looking for an RPC1 firmware when I discovered that there are no B versions available and that it is impossible to flash a B drive with a P firmware. Is there any way the crossflash from B3.4 to P3.4? Or do I have to crossflash to a BenQ DVD Burner first in order to get an RPC1 drive?

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You can crossflash between all firmware versions you mentioned. The mechanism to be used is identical, see the FAQ. All you need is the firmware in .cvt file format. The drive LED will probably not work correctly with the ‘P’ series firmware.
Be aware that crossflashing will void your warranty.

Thank you. I read the FAQ but didn’t get what was meant with “OEM/re-badge BenQ 1620 drive”. So this means I can directly cross flash from my B3.4 to P3.4 now, right? There’s one last concern though: Is the PBDV1640P similar to the DVDR1640P? Because the PBDV is not mentioned anywhere in the FAQ.

The only difference is the nice faceplate of the philips retail drive having more LEDs.

So what you’re saying is that PBDV1640P is the OEM version and DVDR1640P is the retail version? I’m confused now. If this is the case I didn’t know it.

To confuse you a bit more, the drive is also known as Philips DVD8631 :).

Okay, to sum it up: I own a Philips PBDV1640P (also known as Philips DVDR1640P or Philips DVD8631) which is a OEM/re-badge of the BenQ 1620. I have B3.4 (RPC2) and I want P3.4 (RPC1). To get that I will have to cross flash my drive with WinDWFlash and what I need is a .cvt firmware file (the P3.4 one of course).

You know, I remember the days when I didn’t care for technology (actually no, I don’t) and I remember that I had a life back then.

Well thanks anyway. Now if I only there was a way to flash the name of my drive into “Generic DVD Burner”…

You can use any P3.x .cvt file to crossflash. After crossflashing you can use the official .exe flasher to update to the current version.