Philips PBDV1640-P best firmware?



I bought a DVD Writer Philips how to 1640B35 but (but windows recognised PBDV-1640 with a firmware B 3.0 ¿I have retail or bulk version? ¿what is the best firmware version to burn DL with this writer and was change are to the B 3.0 at 3.4 or 3.5?


I own a 1640P and use P3.2 at the moment. The problem is that I ca’t update to the latest P3.4 because of compability issues with mobo using NVidia chipset. :a

I have seen somewhere (can’t remember or find where) that there is a T3.4 fw to address to compability issue.

A answer your question : use the latest availbable, ie the highest number. :iagree:

BTW : where did you find B3.5??? :eek:


Use the search, Luke :). It is here.