Philips or TDK DVD+R media?

I have noticed the follwoing deals going on in CircuitCity.

Philips 50 Pack for $16.99

TDK 25 pack for $7.98

Which do you think is a good deal based on price & quality?

If you know of any better deals for good quality media, please let me know.



Is it because TDK DVD quality is better than Philips?


Frankly they’re probably the same discs (CMC MAG E01).

Yeah they r probably the same…in australia our Philips can also be ritek r03. Not sure if u can get ricohjpnr02 tdk’s there ?

I haven’t seen RICOHJPNR02 TDKs in a LOOOOOOOOONG time. I’m beginning to wonder if TDK even uses them anymore in the US market; it seems to be mostly CMC MAG E01 with some YUDEN000T02 sprinkled about. Fortunately the TDK CMC discs (in my experience at least) are good quality.