Philips or Sony DVD+R?

Philips “CMC MAG M01”, or “Sony D11”

Manufacturer ID in DVDIdentifier of the sony DVD+R was written beside it Sony, but the Manufacturer ID for the Philips DVD+R was written beside it only CMC MAG. Does that mean anything??

AND, I’ve found no difference when seeing the info chart of both using Nero CD-DVD speed test. Both continued in a straight diagonal line with the usual small bumbs, Both 4.7GB, but sony is 1x-8x while Philips is 1-16X.

I’ve heard that CMC MAG…whatever the hell that means has a much shorter life span, is that true??

And the main reason I’m asking about which media to choose is that 1 DVD+R from Philips costs $1.11 while 1 DVD+R from Sony costs $3

I’m a total stranger in this field so any thoughts is very appreciated.

If you have a decent burner you’ll have no issues with CMC. Sounds like your burner has no problems with the CMC discs as you mention that the transfer rate graph looks OK. What is your burner? You may be able to do PI/PO quality tests as well, which tell you about the burn quality.

Some people dislike CMC but I’ve burned around 1000 discs and they work very well in all of my NEC and Benq burners. For 1/3 of the price of the Sony discs, it’s a no brainer.

I vote for Sony, but that’s a pretty insane price difference. Why so high?

I haven’t seen any CMC that’s 1/3 the price of Sony media personally. Sony media is almost always on sale in the US for about $20 for 50 discs or so.

With that price, I would go with CMCMAG M01 and burn at max 8x or 12x.

It’s a Lite-On SOHW emmm…It was something but Now it’s 1653S

I don’t know, i’m afraid since it’s from philips, it’s going to do like their DVDPlayers and stop working after a couple of years or so, although the average life span of DVD-ROMs i think is about 50 years.

No idea, but here’s another insane price. DVD double or dual layer, which is 8.5GB, is $8. thats like TRIPLE the price for almost DOUBLE THE SIZE.

For us, 50 DVDs is like $110. damn, WERE ON FIIIRE

P.S. I wanted to show you my test results, so i just learned how to post pics online. Here they are, although i have no idea what they mean

Use the “Manage Attachments” button to post your pictures here, no need to host them anywhere else.

Will do techGrue.

And guess what, I found the same type of sony somewhere else, and the price for 25 DVDs was $10. And I’ve also found the same type, but with 10 DVDs for $13 :confused:
In addition, in that same place, i discovered 2 more types of DVDs: TDK and Imation.

Suddenly I’m discovering a lot of DVDs with different weird prices

P.S. although the sony DVDs are made in taiwan, burning 4.1GB data - haven’t tried more than that yet - was flawless.