Philips or Pioneer - advice wanted

Unfortunately, my BenQ 1650 died and I couldn’t get a new one in return (seems that theres no more 1650’s out for sale). I now have to buy a new burner and I looked at two that seem good. The burners are a :

Philips DVR1660
Pioneer DVR-111D

I would like some advice. What burner would “you” choose and why ?

I know that the Philips isn’t a good scanner, but what about the Pioneer ?

You know that the Philips is actually a Benq 1650 with an easy cross flash?

Yupp. But I probably won’t cross flash it if I buy one.

If you are only looking at those two, then go with the Pioneer!

Well I’ve bought both.

Cross flashed the Philips to the Benq 1650 & the Pio 111d to 111L (for bitsetting +R media & RAM writing).

Both burn very well , the Pio now has RAM writing which I use + labelflash which I’ve tried once and the Benq scans very well.

I’d find it very difficult to choose between the 2 in their cross flashed form, without cross flashing I guess I’d go Pio 111D.

I mostly use Verbatim DVD+R media, both from India and Taiwan. Wouldn’t it be best then to choose the Philips because of the Solidburn function, that can cope with the variations of these disc ? As I’ve understood it, the Philips drive and the Pioneer are both very good at DVD+ media, but the Pioneer is best on the DVD-R media, whIch I seldom use.