Philips opens SACD production line in the USA

I just posted the article Philips opens SACD production line in the USA.

Philips has announced it will open a Super Audio CD (what should be the next generation Audio products, more information below) production line in Hollywood, together with a company called…

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Wonder which of the two is better: SACD, developed by Sony or HDCD, developed by Microsoft Don’t believe my CD player (or DVD player) supports SACD, but I do know my CD Player supports HDCD…so I am hoping HDCD is better, even if it is by Microsoft :wink:

Sounds like a sales gimmick to me.


Who cares they’ll probably want money for that music…LOL :4

SACD is better compared to HDCD CD… by far! HDCD means 44.1 kHz, SACD means 2.8224 MHz (64 * 44.1 kHz) The only difference between an HDCD CD and a normal CD is an HDCD CD is 20 bit instead of 16 bit. I had the opportunity to visit a Sony test site for SACD Multichannel, and it was, to say the least, very impressive, not to say massive. The problem is, software is (more) expensive than regular CD’s, and hardware is definitely more expensive for SACD, so I wonder if it’ll ever become a huge success. (BTW it’s HDCD CD because HDCD stands for High Definition Compatible Digital and is also (sparsely) used for DVD, so then you’ll have a HDCD DVD)

Has any one heard the SACD? In the US you may go to Best Buy to hear the ONE sample cd that Sony gave them to play. It plays about 20 seconds & has an auto-fade. The reason this is hitting is the Hybrid aspect - not the tonal quality. It has limited players on the market & in my opinion, the DVD-A is much smoother. But it is the Hybrid commercial aspect that has this going. They will keep on selling these as regular Cd’s with a special layer that, if you go out & buy another player, will sound better. Force it down our throats why don’t you. I bet they will stop all standard production of the Cd-A only format. SO…CAN WE RIP THSE SACD? Anyone tried?

Maybe this is a decent ploy against piracy? me, 24 bit / 96khz sampling rate is the sh&t! 6 channels of that is immense sounding. UPSAMPLING a regular Cd to 96khz sampling rate is pretty darn cool & works on ALL of your Cd’s that are in your collection right now. I say SACD = 1970’s 8-Track - DCC digital cassette (Philips again) - minidisc…yes?

Good news…

I dunno why more US manufacturers dont get into this. The biggest difference in the manufacturing should only be in the mastering, after that as long as you have the correct mold & clamping parameters you should be able to produce them. The metalisation, spin coating, printing and packaging should all be the same. The production line could even switch between them very cost effectively and quickly! You would need new QA equipment of course (CD-CATS & Clover Ind ought to already be online with it). Methinks licensing is the hold up?

The real improvement is with SACD (high resolution 24/96, multichanel, DSD) a real improvement versus standard CD in audio quality terms. HDCD is only a method for encoding 20 bit into a Red Book CD (16 bit 44Khz). They use specific hard and soft to do that. In fact it is a very interesting thing because they (now Microsoft but before an independent company,called Pacific Microsonics, who created the HDCD definition) convert the 16 bit to 20 bit but still record the information into 16 bit 44Khz CDs. So, It is a little bit confusing, because the question is, how can i listen to the 20 bit info if they still use a normal CD with 16 bit resolutioin? They answer that the additional 4 bit are encoded inside the CD using its HDCD technology. In fact to decode HDCD you need a CD with a PM-100 or PM-200 chip (or the algorithm impplemented inside a multidecoding chip). HDCD discs only use the 4 additional bits if a HDCD chip is present in the CD. If not, they play as normal CDs. The HDCD vs SACD is not the real point in the high-end audio world. The real point rigth now is DVD-Audio or SACD (MP3 and similars apart). In audio quality terms, and after listening carefully to both systems, SACD is better than DVD-Audio. It seems that DVD-Audio has loose the race due to protection copy techniques used on it becasuse they can be heard when listening carefully, as a noise.