Philips MPEG4 standalone player

I just posted the article Philips MPEG4 standalone player.

Thanx to Bytes4U I can post this nice news about a nice MPEG4-solution. Read all about it below here:

Philips MP4Net offers MPEG-4 products to create and deliver streaming audio, video, and…

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Don’t forget that cd-i and Dcc are top class products for that time, it was just a marketing problem. :slight_smile:

Wow, I almost thought this was an Mpeg-4 DivX;-) compatible stand-alone player for my T.V. - oh well - c’mon someone, make a DivX;-) player for the TV - pretty pleez…

well as it has the same design as all the other philips electronics. than it is even to ugly to place in under your toilet… :slight_smile: just like stvasta I hoped for a divx player too bad :frowning: