Philips/Magnavox VCR/DVDR model MRV700VR: failed recording; "unknown disc"

Hi all,

I have an issue with my recorder. I have a philips magnavox vcr/dvdr model MRV700VR. I was doing recordings of jay leno when all of a sudden the recording just froze. the remote control or buttons on the system couldn’t do anything so I had to unplug the recorder. and when I power it back on, the dvd+r is an “unknown disc”. I have tryed to get the data on the disc using dvd shrink and dvd decrypter but to no avail because they could not detect data. can my recordings on the disc be transferred or restored? please help me. I spent nights of recording on the disc and I got very angry when it failed.

Thanks in advance,

You can try and finalise the disc. Try the function on the recorder first.

If the function on the recorder won’t work, then if your PC has a DVD rewriter that’s compatible with the discs recorded on the LiteOn, you can try using DVD Decrypter (freeware).

From the menu, use Tools -> Drive -> Close -> Disc

Let us know if this won’t work…

I tryed to close the disc with RecordNow and DVD Decrypter but both cannot and just ejects the disc.

In that case you will have to use ISOBuster to extract the MPEG2 recordings from the disc. The trial version is free, but you’ll have to pay for the full version to actually get your data back…