I know this topic has probably been worn to death, but i’ve had the
DH-16A1L for a couple years now, and i still have lingering problems with it and answered Questions about the drive itself.
First of all, i flashed the drive when i first received it from a friend two years ago, from it’s stock firmware, and since then it’s had off and on problems with the KH1A version, so in short i was wondering if there is anyone who might happen to have a different version, or backup, or link that they could provide me, seeing as it’s a pain to track down anything other than KH1A…
Secondly i was wondering what the Lite-On model name for this drive was, and i was also wondering if the 8P55 (DH-16A3L) firmware was compatible, as i’ve seen it listed for both the A1 and A3 Versions.
In Closing, i’ll explain the problem i’ve been experiencing, which include failure to read certian disc types randomly, (CD/DVD-R/DVD-DL) until a
re-flash is done, or it decides to start working again for a month or so, it basically has a mind of it’s own, but i’ve been able to keep it in check, currently it won’t burn CD’s 3 out of 5 tries, but seeing as i have a dedicated CD burner, DVD burning/reading is fine with me for now.
I know this thing is junk, BUT i would appriciate anyone that can shed some insight on this old rebadged workhorse.

Did your drive come with a particular brand of computer (HP, Compaq, etc)?