Philips/Lite-On DS-804SH Region Free?

Hello All :slight_smile:

I have recently purchased an Acer 5745G laptop (not too bad a machine besides my Win7 rants and no XP drivers available now or ever). It is fitted with a DVD multi-drive which I have removed to find out the model :
Philips/Lite-On DS-8A4SH Firmware CA11.

I searched here on the forums and have not found any information - sorry if I missed something!

Is there any RPC1 or RPC2 firmware for this drive?

I tried to search for it on Philips and Lite-Ons’ websites but neither listed this model either - very weird :doh:

Any advice or news re cracks being worked on would be great - thanks! :flower:

So after a lot of messing about and hunting and experimenting it appears that this drive is a Lite-On and behaves like one (don’t know what Philips have to do with it - doesn’t matter now I guess :p).
I have downloaded the Settings Utility - thanks C0deking!!!
from myce here:

and it resets the region code no problem at all.
I thought I would post this as solved then so that others with this drive in the future (it’s in lots of Acer machines) can also find a solution.
Thanks you c0deking and myce!!! :smiley:


glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:


Hi Michael,
Thanks! I do hope my trail will help others too :slight_smile:
Now back to my Region 2 DVD that I have been waiting to watch :stuck_out_tongue:

LtnRPC all the time.