Philips launches pocket-sized 8 cm MP3 player



I just posted the article Philips launches pocket-sized 8 cm MP3 player.

Philips is extending the popularity of MP3-CD playback by shrinking the CD player itself - with a CD portable specifically designed to play 8cm (3-inch) CDs which can contain over three hours of…

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Now that is nice, but I still don’t get it… Philips and Sony both have their own recordlabels (Polydor and Sony Records). One half of the company produces CDR’s, writers, MP3-players, etc. and the other half kisses the RIAA/Brein butt for suing everyone for MP3’s. I still don’t get it… :r


Please bear in mind that copying both audio AND video is allowed AND LEGAL in the Netherlands if you made the copy yourself.


Philips sold its record labels 2 or 3 years ago to Seagrams (Canada) for about 9 Billion US$