Philips launches its next-generation Nexperia MPEG-2 codec

I just posted the article Philips launches its next-generation Nexperia MPEG-2 codec.

  Submitted by GristyMcFisty: Philips launches its  next-generation Nexperia™ MPEG-2 CODEC aimed at DVD recorders for the  high-volume market Philips also unveils DVD recording ...
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I don’t know. Philips disapoint me big time this year. I wanted an DVD recorder unit to record the tv shows (not for computer but an Digital Video Recorder to replace my vcr) and i was upset because the Philips is the only only to make such a device until now and the price of such device here in Brazil is forbidden: 1000 dolars or more. Ok that it have an dvd recorder single density (4,7Gb) + mpeg 2 encoder (and decoder) + tv and cable turner + video capture motherboard but i don’t like the price, at least 3or 4 times the maximum anyone could spend. So, i was upset with Philips. If i have another option in the future (Panasonic, Sony, whatever) i’ll stick with those, since i dislike the greedness of this ppl (Philips). In Japan if things goes ok, i think they promise an Diital Video Recorder with double density (9Gb) + all the things that Philips have + HD for LOWER price than greedness Philips. Well, i think everybody are waiting for this solutions to replace vcr (this combo solution with double density + HD), but i think everybody are waiting for a good price too (around 200-300, maybe), not 1000… Excuse me… JR

I agree with you jcsm2K3 that a 1,000 bucks for a standalone DVD recorder is a lot of money but it’s only logical that when there is no competition from other companies, the price will be high. Any other company would also ask a high price when it offers a somewhat unique product. It’s basic economics. When there is more competition from other companies, Philips will surely drop the price of their DVD recorders.

Where have you guys been? Wal*Mart TODAY has 2 DVR units for under $300 sitting on the shelves. One is by Apex and the other by Cyberhome. This time last year, you had to pay $1000 for a DVD, but this year it has dropped to under $300, including tax, here in the US. Santa is definately bringing me one this year.:+

Oops, this software don’t like US dollars. That’s under 300 bucks on the shelves at your local Wal*Mart.