Philips launches DVD/Super Audio CD entertainment system

I just posted the article Philips launches DVD/Super Audio CD entertainment system.

Philips has released information about a new home entertainment set that might also be intresting to CD Freaks vistors, this set plays both SACD and DVD, it is also able to play MP3…

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Hold on one second. This unit is NOT a good thing at all. It is a PLOY by Phillips to steer consumers away from DVD-A & towards Super Audio Cd. By it playing all “popular” DVD formats, it purposely leaves out “ADVANCED RESOLUTION” (MLP) & the stereo 24 bit / 192 khz format as well. I am excited about DVD-A. I am not excited at all about Super Audio Cd because it does not stand up to DVD-A. If Phillips can stop making regular cd’s & only release Super Audio Cd’s which have the ordinary Cd layer on it, they will leave consumers no choice but to buy into Super Audio Cd. Just like they forced us to buy Cd’s by removing the records. If you want to hear great Cd reprouduction right now, find a way to listen to all of your Cd’s UPSAMPLED to 24/96 - & use Black Cdr’s & also use PLEXUS plastic cleaner on all pre-recorded audio cd’s prior to playing them.