Philips is to expand shipment of Double Layer DVD+R disc media

I just posted the article Philips is to expand shipment of Double Layer DVD+R disc media.

With the
shipment of the latest Double Layer DVD+R recordable disc media, Philips has
further underlined its leadership position in the field of optical storage
technology. Philips has…

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“Recordings on the new DVD+R Double Layer discs are compatible with almost all DVD Video players and DVD-ROM drives.” - I suspect this is a lie of sorts, they just left the bit out about Bit Setting… “The new Double Layer DVD+R discs are developed by Philips in co-operation with Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (MKM), based on initial investigations carried out about three years ago by Philips Research.” - a scarily long time to reach the market place… If they don’t get the media out and the prices down, drives will be at DVD+R DL 8x before anyone can afford to backup their movies with this product!

Yeah I agree. Does anyone know if the Sony DRU700 can do the bit setting? I don’t know why all burners don’t support it now.

sony as you know went in with liteon to make the DRU700 and that drive is really a sohw-832s liteon. the latest fw for 700 is VY05 which SONY had liteon remove the bitsetting from , sony said its not DVD+R(W) standard so they will not have it as part of their DRU700. There is patch on liteon forum to correct this evil sony had done to dru700 fw.

You don’t always need the bitsetting to make a movie work on a dvd+r/rw disc do you?

Yesterday I saw Philips DVD+R DL media for € 17 a piece. Hopefully prices will drop quickly.

No FreqNasty, bitsetting is not required to make a movie work on the vast majority of DVD players. It does help with a few old, obsolete models, and even fewer newer sets that are marginal to begin with.

The latest players also have problems reading the DVD+R DL discs burned with DVD+R DL BookType. So, BookType bitsetting is very important, if not the most important part of DL burning.