Philips introduces SolidBurn

When a new disc is inserted into the drive, SolidBurn executes automatically a series of tests on the DVD media. Based on the DVD writer’s measurements capabilities such as jitter and PiSum-8 , the SolidBurn algorithm delivers a multiple of unique parameter settings that control the drive during the normal writing process. The drive writes a small part on the disc (The OPC area) to be able to do tests.

More information on SolidBurn

I read somewhere it will be introduced in the BenQ 1640, are there any further infos
about that, like when would the 1640 support this feature?

“Probably” the next official 1640 firmware update from BenQ is what I would hazard a guess at also from the hints dropped by the others a new version of Qsuite is used in conjunction with it so that too must be made available unless Philips launches first then you could cross flash to their firmware.

(I guess Philips will also ship some sort of utility to clean the EEPROM of learned strats)

Hopefully from Philips announcement its going to be relatively soon :iagree:

Users have the ability to decide if they want to use SolidBurn. Applications that support the Philips drives DVDR1648 and DVDR1628 will give the user the ability to uncheck the feature, SolidBurn is by default on. The company is not planning to allow users to do jitter tests to check the quality of burned discs.

I wonder what they meant by this ?

They won’t be releasing an utility to do scans yourself (like Kprobe, Plextools etc)

No P-Probe or PhilipsTools XL then. :slight_smile:

Also other drives that use Philips chipsets (E.g. BenQ) will have the functionality.

DW1620 as well? :bigsmile:

is the DVDR1648 and DVDR1628 by any chance the benq 1620?

No those are Philips next line of DVD writers of which BenQ’s equivalent is the 1640.


i hope so

solidburn means faster/better quality burns?

So will Solidburn be available for Philips 1640s? Is it a new chipset or just updated BIOS? The article is pretty vague as to whether Solidburn will be available for new models only (ie with a new chipset) or can be retrofitted into the current top end Benq/Philips models.

We can only hope so =)… I don’t think (or better hope) there is a hardware limitiation for this… =)

I hope so too, but for marketing reasons they could make it only available on new models, ie if you want this new feature, you have to buy their new drives. That’s why I’m questioning if anyone knows for sure, because the frontpage announcement doesn’t make it clear if we’ll be getting Solidburn on current models.

I am in no hurry. Given that most 16X drive firmwares have some form of “correct on the fly” in current firmware for variations within media codes, I don’t see this as a move towards better quality burns. I see it as a move toward less support for drives and new media.

How will you feel in a year if this results in lower quality burns and they abandon firmware support. Fairly soon we could have no discs available for our existing burners and new burners that don’t burn as well. With the move towards 1X-16X universal media and this new development, I am very inclined to start stockpiling 8X TY and MCC.

Well the whole point is obviously to give you the best burns on-the-fly based on the disc quality, rather than what we have now which is fixed disk strategies based on (what may be false) media codes, with large lags between new discs or variable quailty and when new drive firmware catches up.

might not give you faster burn…just that it gives you more choices in terms of speed.( how does burning ricohjpn01 @ 16x speeds…if the burn turn off good for your disc well…you will be happy as its a4x media capable of @16x) .and its up to you to decide whether you want to turn on /off solid burn…

the Philips 1640s is a BenQ 1620 OEM…so it will not work on it…current burners which support AutoStra is Plextor 740 which is a BenQ 1640 OEM… :clap: :clap: so i guess the 1640 will also have somesort of Solid Burn feature :bigsmile:

well…it will not mean the end or less support for drives…in terms of firmware or software… :flower:

right on… :clap: this function is more of a “AI” stradegy…it learns as it burns… :bigsmile:

I will wait and see. What they say and what it turns out to be are often quite different. Remember, very few of their customers are scanning and can tell the difference between a “great” burn and an “average” burn. They are working to accomplish either of two things: sell more drives or lower costs. Ending firmware support will do this. Providing hardware that provides more acceptable burns for the consumer will do this. Neither of these corporate objectives have anything to do with “higher quality” burns. None of the consumer publications ever deal with scans or burn quality. That is not a problem as the manufacturer sees it and the consumer is unaware that there is a difference if the burn is readable.

Sell more drives.

Make more money.

There is no corporate benefit derived by increasing burn quality.

Sad to say, I did ask specifically regarding this and was told that the hardware plays a big role in that capability so only newer burners can use it.

The 1640K is a “newer burner”. Or did they mean the new, upcoming burners? Why is it so difficult for companies to release straightforward, unambiguous statements that actually answer the obvious questions?

Well, AFAIK I think BenQ hasn’t officially said anything at all about SolidBurn yet. Patience…