Philips introduces SolidBurn - improves DVD burn quality, ends MID mess

I just posted the article Philips introduces SolidBurn - improves DVD burn quality, ends MID mess.

Today Philips demonstrated SolidBurn to us, a new self-learning DVD burning feature that ensures the optimal writing conditions for DVD-recordable media. SolidBurn is able to excute a…

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“With SolidBurn there is no longer a need to update the firmware for better writing strategies.” --------- If this ends up being true, and SolidBurn delivers what is says and delivers well, this would be a KILLER feature. Of course, we are all still waiting for proof, aren’t we? :slight_smile:

Instead of upgrading the firmware for better writing strategies, you upgrade the firmware for fixes to SolidBurn. :slight_smile:

Quite true :B

Yes, spoof…

Plextor’s PX-716 DVD burner does that already by using a technology made available by Taiyo Yuden and it’s called Autostrategy.

“The company is not planning to allow users to do jitter tests to check the quality of burned discs.” Strange that they put something in to improve writing performance, but would rather leave you in the dark as to if it really works or not. Don’t they have enough confidence in their technology to let users see for themselves.