Philips introduces PCRW4012K - 40x 12x 48x CD-RW drive

I just posted the article Philips introduces PCRW4012K - 40x 12x 48x CD-RW drive.

It has been a long time since the Royal Dutch Electronics company Philips has released a CD-RW drive. While they were the co-inventor of the CD(-R) their CD-RW drives never made it to the…

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I thought Philips had a 16x and 20x writer with EasyWrite.

I could not find any other CD-RW drive on their site using this technology, but I could be wrong, will update the text a little :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find the 40x writer on their website either. Here’s some info on their first drive to support EasyWrite. Technically their 40x CD-RW is the first to suppor it since the RWDV1610B is a combo drive.

The Philips page of the 40x seems to be down now to, it’s a bit of a mess on the Philips site, they are slow and messy :frowning: It was really there :slight_smile: Thanks for searching anyway Ian !