Philips Inkjet printable CMC MAG AE1

The worse media ever
Serial # MAH689JB02025955

And this is the best burnt out of 5 discs so far on my benQ 1620 with the latest FW B7U9

lemme add a few more things:
It shows that I can burn up to 12X on this media on my BenQ drive, but I only burnt at 8X. I have burnt 5 discs and this is my 6th, and this is the best result so far, still very low quality and almost not readable. The Spindle bought at I thought my burner is broken so I burnt another copy on TDK printable DVD-R (TTG02) with awesome quality (score of 97). The spindle of TDK is bought at Costco for $21.99 for spindle of 50. So stay away from Philips DVD-R inkjet printable

Maybe the content caused the bad quality?
“MY_SASSY_GIRL” ? :stuck_out_tongue:



For printable media buy only high quality disc from serious and reliable brand, for many brand printable media are lower quality.
Taiyo Yuden

Philips is supposed to be ok. So let them know because it should fall under Philips warranty.