Philips improves DVD+RW specifications - and it gets faster

I just posted the article Philips improves DVD+RW specifications - and it gets faster.

The TaipeiTimes reports that Philips will launch a new chip today that will enable DVD+RW recording at 8x, and CD-R writing at 32x. The new chip also incoorporates Mount Rainier for DVD+RW. This…

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8x? Time to buy me a DVD-writer :slight_smile:

not quite time for me because this has support for dvd+r/rw. I am not trying to get into a debate over which format is better, I simply want a at least 8x dvd writer that supports dvd-r/rw and dvd+r/rw.

You’re still going to have to figure out which discs to buy. I’m gonna wait until this retarded format war is over.

8 speed dvd-writers and still 2 of the 4 speed writers (NEC and Pioneer A05) are not available in the shops yet. Even 4 spêed media seems to be rare to find. :frowning:

8x DVD+RW writing would allow you to write an entire disc in about 7 minutes.
do you understand that this is FASTER THAN MY CDR??? 5 GIG IN LESS TIME THAT 700 MEG!!! WTF???

Ohh god when will they produce a dual layer DVD(+/-)R/RW

Yeah, the first one to produce a highly compatible dual layer disc for either format will most likely declare the winner.