Philips hts 3400 tray problem

My dvd player wont fully close.

One night, I came home and tried putting in a disc with a burnt video to it. Up until now that disk always worked. Suddenly, my dvd player started shooting out the disk. Then somehow, it pushed back in and got stuck. I pryed the tray back out.

Now when i push close it tries to go in but gets stuck about 1/4th the way.

Sry thats like all the info i can give you guys to help me. Cant really observe much. It just wont close and i cant find any kind of error troubleshooting site anywhere. Do you guys see this problem a lot?

Plz help!

Have you tried unplugging it for an hour or so?

You may have stripped the gears that open and close the door or simply shifted them out of place. :sad: