Philips HSRW720/00 door problem

Rented a dvd yesterday - pressed ‘open’ and when the door opened is kind of “shuttered” - I put the dvd in and when the door closed “it just wasn’t right somehow” - the dvd started to play but I couldn’t access the menu. Tried opening the door - no go. Was getting messages “blocked”. Finally tried a total reset on the machine - still no go. Did a “press and hold record button and open button simultaneously” and the drawer opened and closed before I could get the disk out - FRUSTRATION moment. Kept trying and finally the door opened again and I held it to get the disk out. The door is not opening - still getting ‘blocked’ messages. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am within warranty. thanks John

If you’re under warranty then I would urge you to contact the retailer and get it repaired. The ‘blocked’ message on Philips machines is usually irretrievable, and on the HDRW720, could well be the known issue with a circuitboard IC becoming loose.

Called Philips today and explained the situation and they will pick it up tomarrow for repairs. Since the DVDR is within warrenty no problems. Thank you imdidd57.

keep us updated…i’m curious to see how long the turn around time is from phillips