Philips HP1000 anybody?

Cheers people, anyone have experience with Philips HP1000 headphones?
I am mainly concerned about the build-quality, my old HP890 sound and feel wonderful however they are made out of the worst plastic known to man and hence they break. If you own a pair of 890’s that isnt broken yet, be glad because they WILL!

I have listened around, I have tried Sennheisers 500-range and KOSS PRO 3AA and while both sounded “good”, I found them uncomfortable. The KOSS is quite small and preassures tightly against your ears and I could barely stand listening to them for 10 minutes, the Sennheisers were much more comfy but had quite rough padding and I think it would itch rather much.

The Philips on the other hand, mmmm velvet!
So anyone have had HP1000 for a while now without them breaking?