Philips HDRW720/17 VBI Channel

Like many others, I’ve been having some difficulty with my Philips HDRW720/17, specifically the TV Guide download. It doesn’t seem to be getting complete listing data. Last night I turned it on to make sure it was set to record “Lost” only to get a screenful of “No Listing.” So I used a trick I’ve used in the past, which was to go back into the TVG setup and change my zip code to another local one that uses the same cable system.

This morning I turned on the unit to see that I have listings, but only up to 4 p.m. today. After that, we’re back to “No Listing.”

Using some instructions I found on, I pulled up the TVG debug screen and saw this as part of the data:

Host Chan 0x8
VBI Chan 0x2

Is it the VBI channel or the host channel that delivers listing data? Channel 8 is our local PBS station. Channel 2 is our ABC affiliate. If one or the other of these is incorrect, is there any way to change it?

I have to say, I’ve been less than pleased with this unit in terms of the TVG. Many times when I turn it on, the TVG won’t come up at all, and when I use the remote to force it to come up, the unit shuts down with the red light around the drive bay. Pretty unsettling. (Maybe I should post that in the issues thread.)