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I have had a Philips HDRW 720/05 for several years and it has generally been OK. I have it set to the normal 5 terrestrial UK channels but also have a Freeview terrestrial digital box. Again it has been generally OK.
However, there have been new channels added to the digital Freeview but the DVD recorder is not recognising them. Also, some of the original channels have been reallocted different channel numbers and the only way I can see to correct them is to go into the editor and manually change them but this is no good for the completely new channels.

Can anybody tell me how I can get the DVD to recognise the new Freeview digital channels correctly?
Many thanks


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You need to re-scan for channels on the Freeview box. Then the HDRW720 will record the output of that as usual.


Hi - thanks - that is what I thought and I tried re-scanning but it is only picking up the analogue channells. How do I get it to scan the Freeview box as well?


Hi sorry I missed your reply to this :slight_smile:

You don’t need to do anything with the HDRW720. I meant do the re-scan using your Freeview box, since that is the thing that’s receiving the signal.


Hi again. Please forgive my insistance but I am not quite sure we are understanding each other.
The FreeView box itself is OK and I can see all the channels available.

It is the EPG programming of the 720 that is not seeing all the channels available to the FreeView box. For example, Film4 is on FreeView 32 but does not appear in the EPG of the 720 box at all. I cannot remember the exact case, but there was also an odd situation where a FreeView box channel - say 28 - was listed on the 720 as a different channel - say 11.
So it is the mapping of the channels available on the FreeView box that is not being accurately reflected in the 720 box.
Thanks again for your support.


OK I see what you mean and I understand now. The channel allocations of the Freeview box do not match that of the EPG on the HDRW720.

I guess the issue is with the EPG supplier to get it corrected, since there isn’t a two-way connection that allows the HDRW720 to influence that. I vaguely remember something about how to reset the EPG on these older Philips machines, and then allowing them to repopulate over a short time. However I still think you will have to edit something in the timer settings because recording from your Freeview box is always going to be via the external input and not whatever channel the EPG decides to place in the field.

I’ll transfer this to the Philips DVD Recorder forum here, where someone with a similar setup might be able to help. :slight_smile:


Hi again,
Thanks for doing this. I have been unable to locate the thread that you transferred my query to. Can you send me a link? Also, will I have been subscribed automatically to receive notifications or will i have to do this when I get to the new thread?