Philips HDRW 720/00

I have had the Philips for a year now. Yes I had to send it in for the ‘door problem’ - everything works fine now (touch wood). My problem involves getting the Guide Plus to do the timer records/showview properly. I can download the Guide Plus with no problem. But when I try to do a timer record using it or to use Showview - it seems to set up ok but when I go to watch the recording, it has used another channel. This is how I have my TV/DVD/Samsung Digibox set up:

TV EXT1 scart to DVD EXT1
TV EXT2 scart to Samsung Digi AV1(TV)
Samsung Digi AV2 scart to DVD EXT2
Samsung Digi Loop to DVD antenna
TV loop to DVD TV
Cable to Samsung Digi Box

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.