Philips hdr3500 region free hack



This hack works for my machine region 2 bought here in Italy and made in hungary:

  • Connect and turn on TV and DVD recorder
  • With no disc inserted, press ‘system/setup’ on the remote control
  • Enter these numbers SLOWLY on the remote control: 5, 0, 1, 8, 0
  • Press ‘OK’

and the work is done!
Now you have a REGION FREE DVD Recorder :bigsmile:


Thanks for that. :slight_smile: Looks like the same code as for the DVDR3480:


oh yes!!!
After i have bought the recorder i have tried to transform it in a region free recorder. Unfortunately there was no method for this model and so i have tried several method of philips models :wink:
this one works perfectly
a big “ciao” from italy