Philips Hd / Dvd Recorder Help

I hope i put this in the right section. I have a 160gig philips dvd recorder. i can record programs etc from the television to the hd in it and at a later stage i can burn them onto dvd. My problem is i recorded some video from my camcorder on to the hd on the philips and i burn it to disc but it wont play in any other dvd player or even any computer. They wont detect anything on the disc. Is there any way of recording to disc that it will play on other dvd players or even and software that i could convert it on my pc and re burn it to play on any dvd player.
I hope i explained this right and any help would be great

Model is Philips 5350h Hard drive Dvd recorder

I have the Sony HDD recorder and I know I have to “finalize” the disk before playing it in other machines. See if you have a finalize function that you need to perform before playing it in other players.

Excellent stuff. Works now…Thanks for the info