Philips hard hit by CD patent expiry



I just posted the article Philips hard hit by CD patent expiry….

Yahoo Finance writes that Philips will suffer a heavy financial blow when CD patents expire this summer in most of Asia and Europe.

Philips Electronics NV, co-developer of the compact…

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yeh, but not for a few years yet, think about it - dvd sales are nothing like cd sales!


I hate this news i love philips not only because they are dutch but they make good products too (ok burners are not so good they have no plextor)


maybe they invest now in Crazy Bytes DVD…


I like the news because Philips makes bad products a cdburner from philips doesn’t live longer than 25cd’s about one year(ihave had two of them) your warned never buy a burner of Philips


I have a 2 years old burner from philips, it’s a 2X but i still use it.
It must have burned 2000/2500 cd’s know, and it even has burn proof

It copies everything when using clone cd so i say theire burners roxx.


dirkd has right.
philips equipment sucks biggggggggggggg time nog only they burners, the philips audio equipment is even worse not to speak over its trashy design…


Dirkd is right about Philips.
I had a one too but it quitted it’s job right after the one year warranty.
And from what I’ve heard from friends of mine, they’re not to pleased with Philips too.
(Also burner’s quitting after warranty)