Philips Hard Drive (not enough space error)


There is more that 100GB space left on my external Philips hard drive, still it says not enough disc space when I try to copy more than 5GB data onto my FAT32 external hard drive. Internal hard drive is NTFS partitioned.

Please help.



[B]FAT32 has a file size limit.[/B] 2gb for normal files, 4gb for avi files.

[I]“You cannot create a file larger than (2^32)-1 bytes (this is one byte less than 4 GB) on a FAT32 partition.”

2gb for normal files, 4gb for avi files.
This is nonsense.


I thought that too, but that was what was to read on some m$ support site. :confused:

Any link to that?
I have some disc image files of about 3.5GB lying around on my FAT32 formatted external HDD :wink: Also, the file system driver responsible for that does not know something about the contents of the file.


chef may be right; IIRC there’s a ~2 GB limit on the size of files that can be copied with Windows Explorer version in NT4 (if that’s what the OP is using).
Should work in DOS with the COPY command though…

Edit: Ah yes… here it is:;en-us;318293

…with NT4 included in the ‘Cause’ paragraph.

I have also researched and found that FAT32 cannot handle data more than 4GB. What do you guys suggest?

Explicit info:


I highly doubt, that NT4 is used, as that doesn’t support neither USB nor FAT32 file system. So this is something entirely different.

Edit: Ah yes… here it is:;en-us;318293
…with NT4 included in the ‘Cause’ paragraph.
Just a bug in Windows Explorer in really old versions of Windows (W98 and NT4). It is not an issue of the file system.

@chef: Nice link :iagree:

You can either convert the file system on your external disk to NTFS (see Windows Help for further information) or split your file into parts that are smaller than 4GB. Many imaging and video processing software offer options to do so during the processing of your data.


Thanks Michael. That is a good solution you have provided.

Yup, converting the FS to NTFS would be a logic path here, if possible. :wink: