Philips hard disk and dvd video player 520H (Philips DVD DVDR725H/00 Recorder / Hard Disk)

[qanda]This thread is about the Philips DVD Recorder / Hard Disk. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have this problem with my DVD Recorder / Hard disk Philips 520H. I was in the middle of a recording session (I copied a video to my hard disk) when the electricity went down. When power was again supplied the recorder could not read my previous recording sessions. Normally icons show an image of the recorded product but now all icons had become grey. When I try to play these grey icons/films the system gets stuck and there’s no option left but to plug out and restart the system. I cannot even delete them as they are in protection mode. Further, the system seems to work as it should as long as I donot touch the icons of the films recorded before the electricity breakdown. Though, I’d prefer to have the opportunity to watch these films too, or at least enjoy the space they’re using on my harddisk by removing them. As this electricity failure and the system crash happended during guarantee period of the recorder I already contacted Philips repeatedly but they won’t help me as they claim that it was beyond their fault. The only thing they told me was to reset the system by pressing the power button and plugging in at the same time but the system doesn’t reset anymore. Is there anyone who can help me? For example is there a way (a programme?) to control the hard disk and thus being able to remove the previous recordings?