Philips Gogear SA 6185 problem

I recently purchased this media player. It was all good until I changed the names of some song files in the Window Media Player (11) and it froze the gogear and it stuck at “do not disconnect” forever. After it happened, I searched Internet and came across a warning comment about “… don’t mess with the files in WMP…”. Well, too late for me.

Now my computer & WMP won’t recognize the device and it freezes every time I try to plug it into my computer. I tried to plug it into other computers, same thing happened. The Philip Device Manager (came with the product) couldn’t even recognize its own device when I plug-in.

The player still plays beautifully. I just can’t get it to sync or do anything on my computer any more.

I try to use the device manager on my computer, no help.

Anybody has successfully solved this type of problem?
Any suggestion before I call the manufacturer???
Thanks in advance!